Adam Charles Clayton

Birthday: March 13, 1960 (he's the oldest member)

Born: Chinnor (Oxfordshire, England)

Father: Brian Clayton - a pilot for Aer Lingus and his job
could require him to leave at a moments notice

Mother: Jo Clayton - the first person to ever serve Bono

Siblings: Sarah Jane *or "Sindy"* - born a few years later
Sebastian - born in Dublin. was once in a band called
Moby Dick. I've heard that he helps work on the Official U2 POPmart site.

Maritual Status: never been married but was once engaged to
supermodel Naomi Campbell.
The band was asked what they wished they had
and Adam answered "Naomi Campbell". Later Bono
met her on a plane and brought her with him to
some dinner where Adam was. When Adam tried to
talk to her he got nervous and said the wrong
things. Naomi wasn't impressed. Later, thought,
they got together, fell in love, and were engaged.
But soon after, they broke up.

Nickname: Sparky

more Adam information coming soon

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